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Caddo Mills Plumber:

Licensed Residential Plumbing Service and Repair

Caddo Mills, TX

Good gosh—you just got out of the tub but the water won’t go down the drain, not even after you found where you put the plunger and pumped it over the drain hole for nearly 20 minutes. Your heart starts racing, and you get a bit irked because you’ve got things to do and you don’t have time for this kind of headache. That’s when you call the best plumbers in Caddo Mills – Military Plumbing. What we do is make sure the water in your home behaves the way it’s supposed to, which means all your pipes and other plumbing components need to be in perfect working order.
Even the smallest drip can become a disaster if given enough time. Water is a powerful force, and eventually it will find a way out of the pipes that are meant to contain it. Our team is backed up by LeakTronics, the leading global manufacturer of water leak and pipe diagnostic equipment that allows us to perform video inspections of the inside of your pipes to accurately identify the exact location that requires attention, whether it’s a failed pipe connection or a corrosion hole somewhere along the length of the pipe. We depend upon perfection, because we guarantee all our work, whether it’s the simple replacement of a washer in the bathroom faucet or replacing your sewer line without destroying your front yard. We’re also experts with water heater services, and the replacement of toilets, bathtubs, and showers. If it has to do with leaky pipes or gas line repair and installation, Military Plumbing is your best choice when you need a plumber in Caddo Mills.
From the moment we walk through your door to repair the plumbing in your Caddo Mills home, you’ll know you hired the best plumbing company in all of Hunt County and the surrounding area. We’re not your average plumbing outfit, and we make sure it shows. All our professional plumbers are background checked and licensed, and each is an expert in accurately diagnosing your exact problem and making a lasting repair. Dedicated to honesty, discipline, and integrity, we like to keep things simple and transparent. We’ll never surprise you with hidden costs and we’ll never recommend work you don’t need. Our reputation depends upon your satisfaction with our quality and tradesmanship. Call today and schedule your appointment with one of our premier plumbers in Caddo Mills. We’re ready to walk our talk for you.

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