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Carrollton Plumber:

Licensed Residential Plumbing Services and Repair

Carrollton, TX

It never fails—right in the middle of a soothing shower after arriving home from working the late shift, the hot water handle comes off in your hand. And it has to happen that way, because how else would you know the handle needs to be replaced? Unfortunately, that discovery also means water from your water heater is probably gushing through the stem sleeve and seat, and it won’t stop. At that moment, you need an expert plumber who works quickly and affordably. But not a lot of plumbers offer after-hours work. And even if they do, we know they don’t provide the same superior tradesmanship, expertise, and customer service as the professional licensed plumbers at Military Plumbing. We’re the best company you’ll find for your residential plumbing services and repair in Carrollton, and we prove it by guaranteeing all of our work.
Believe it not, even though water is pouring out from your wall like Niagra Falls, replacing that shower handle is a cinch for us, but we’ll treat it with all the superior service and attention to detail that we would for something as big as the trenchless replacement of the sewer line in your front yard. Whether it’s a washer replacement for a laundry hose, new water heater installation, toilet replacement, or video pipe inspections, it all has to do with plumbing, and that’s what we do. So it only makes sense that no matter what kind of service you need, we treat it as just something we do, and we want to do it better than every other plumbing company’s plumbers near Carrollton and across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
Military Plumbing is a family-owned and operated residential plumbing company, founded upon the ideals of integrity, honesty, and personal discipline, like the veterans who serve and have served this country. We stand by our word in all things we do, and we expect the same from every plumber and all office personnel on our team. We want every facet of our work to be of the highest quality and our pricing to be fair and honest. We’ll never recommend unnecessary repairs, and we’ll never cut corners. We’re not your average plumbers in Carrollton. We’re Military Plumbing, and we stand by our name.

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