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Flower Mound Plumber:

Residential Plumbing Services and Repair

Flower Mound, TX

Plumbing is all about water. Plumbing is also about pipes, hoses, and tubes. But mostly, plumbing is about making sure all the water that flows through your home stays inside the pipes, hoses, and tubes until you release it through a faucet. Sometimes, though, the water in your home has other ideas and displaces itself into places where you don’t want it to go. Sometimes those places are out of sight, and being unseen, the water can cause significant problems inside your home. Water damage is the primary insurance claim made by homeowners throughout the country. Water leaks, when left unmitigated, can often create problems that could require expensive repairs.
Our licensed professional plumbers at Military Plumbing in Flower Mound know all about keeping the water in your home contained inside pipes. From toilet rebuilds and replacements to new water heater installations and trenchless pipe replacement for your sewer line, we take care of everything with a dedication to superior tradesmanship and customer service, because even the slightest problem has potential to become something more than you want to deal with. Along with our extensive plumbing repair services, gas line testing and installation, and hydrostatic testing, we also provide camera pipe inspection, which helps with diagnosing problems, but is also an effective method for maintenance and discovering problems before they become bigger problems. While we enjoy doing plumbing repairs, we are dedicated to doing what is best for our customers, and regular leak detection services can stave off expensive repairs by monitoring problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Every one of our plumbers in Flower Mound is a licensed professional, background-checked, and personally vetted by Military Plumbing to ensure top-notch tradesmanship, honesty, and superior customer service. Our crew has to be the best because we guarantee our work, whether it’s gas line repair, sewer line service, or replacing a fixture on the kitchen sink. When you’re a family-owned and operated business like we are, your name is on the line even if all you’re using is a plunger, so you can’t afford to cut corners. Our name is our guarantee. Contact Military Plumbing today for residential and commercial plumbing services in Flower Mound.

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