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Residential Plumbing Service

Highland Park, TX

Plumbing is not a modern invention. Ancient Egyptians in 4000 BCE used clay pipes to create plumbing systems that moved water from the Nile River to their fields and even their homes. The concepts of plumbing haven’t changed much over the millenia, but we have come a long way in the tools and techniques we use to keep the water in your house contained inside the pipes, hoses, and tubes of your plumbing system. We’ve had to, because ancient civilizations didn’t have the water heaters, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and interior plumbing systems that we have today.
Jeff and Kim Whitworth began to hone their professional plumbing skills in 1998, and in 2012, they launched Military Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving Highland Park and the surrounding area. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, high-quality workmanship, and personal integrity, our experts can handle the replacement of failed appliances, new bathtub and shower installations, and sink, fixture, and toilet repair or replacement. We can also inspect the insides of your pipes, even when they’re buried beneath concrete, and in worst case scenarios, we can provide trenchless water line replacement of your sewer or service pipe.
Military Plumbing is a premium provider of residential plumbing services in Highland Park. Over the years we’ve repaired pipes, stopped leaks, and learned a thing or two about providing guaranteed workmanship. The licensed professionals at Military Plumbing provide impeccable customer service that you won’t get from another plumbing contractor. We’re focused on our customers, and have the modern tools, techniques, and equipment to solve any plumbing issue that affects your Highland Park home or business. Plumbing repair has never been so painless! We offer honest and fair pricing, and we charge only for the services we perform, with no surprise costs. Contact Military Plumbing today to schedule an estimate for your plumbing and water line repair. We want you to have the finest residential plumbing service in Highland Park and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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