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When plumbing issues arise in Wylie, TX, they can disrupt your daily life significantly. Many homeowners and businesses tend to overlook their plumbing systems until an issue surfaces, which is why having a reliable professional plumber in Wylie, TX, is essential. At Military Plumbing, we are recognized for our local, neighborhood business approach, combined with the quality and reasonable cost of our services. We aim to be your lifelong plumbing partner, providing courteous service and exceptional workmanship. Holding industry certifications, licenses, and awards, including recognition as a responsible master plumber by the TSBPE and a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite for five consecutive years, we are your top choice for plumbing services in Wylie, TX.


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Plumbing Services in Wylie, TX

Whether you need emergency repairs, routine maintenance, or advice on the latest plumbing technologies, our team is ready to provide expert solutions designed with your specific needs in mind.

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Our drain cleaning and repair services utilize advanced techniques to swiftly and thoroughly address blockages and damages, ensuring your system runs smoothly. We use high-pressure water jetting and video inspections for accurate problem identification and resolution.

Slab Leak Repair

We specialize in precise detection and repair of slab leaks, utilizing non-invasive methods to minimize disruption to your property. Our experienced technicians use the latest technology to quickly identify the source of the leak and provide effective solutions.

Sink Installation and Repair

Military Plumbing specializes in a wide range of sink installation and repair services across Wylie, covering kitchen, bathroom, bar, and laundry sinks. Our skilled technicians are proficient in identifying and addressing sink issues such as leaks, low water pressure, pipe damage, and drain malfunctions. Beyond repairs, we offer advice on selecting and installing new sinks and faucets to meet both your aesthetic and practical requirements. Count on us for detailed sink installations and repairs ensuring secure and leak-proof connections.

Water Heater Repair and Installation in Wylie

We offer specialized solutions for both repairing existing water heaters and installing new units, focusing on energy efficiency and longevity. Our technicians are skilled in handling a range of water heater models, ensuring your hot water supply is uninterrupted.

Wylie Toilet Repair and Installation

Military Plumbing quickly diagnoses and efficiently repairs toilet issues, minimizing inconvenience. We handle leaks, clogs, running toilets, and faulty flush mechanisms with expertise, and install various types of toilets with precise alignment and sealing. We are dedicated to delivering quality, including free estimates for bathroom remodels and installations of water-saving toilets.

Shower Installation in Wylie

Military Plumbing offers unparalleled shower installation services in Wylie, with expertise in installing walk-in showers, steam showers, and custom showers. Our skilled technicians ensure every installation complements your bathroom’s aesthetics, using high-quality materials for lasting durability. We tailor each project to meet your design preferences and functional needs, ensuring minimal disruption during the installation process.

Sewer Camera Inspections in Wylie

Military Plumbing utilizes innovative techniques for sewer problems in Wylie, TX, employing high-resolution cameras for detailed inspections. This technology allows us to accurately diagnose issues within your sewer system, offering thorough assessments and 24/7 inspection and repair services. With extensive expertise in fixing and replacing damaged sewer lines, including tree root damage, corroded pipes, and blockages, we stand out as experts in the field.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Wylie

Our trenchless water line replacement service in Wylie show our commitment to innovative and minimally invasive solutions. By avoiding excavation, we significantly reduce damage to your property, ensuring a quicker return to normalcy than traditional methods would allow. Our team is proficient in advanced trenchless techniques, such as pipe bursting, directional drilling, and cured-in-place pipe lining. This enables us to replace water lines without extensive excavation. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and continuous training, our certified experts ensure each installation is performed with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Hydrostatic Testing in Wylie, TX

Military Plumbing highlights the critical role of hydrostatic testing services in early problem detection within plumbing systems. This helps to avert serious and costly repairs down the line. Our adherence to standards and regulations, such as ASME, API, or ASTM, guarantees that our testing procedures meet the highest safety and legal standards.

Gas Leak Detection in Wylie

Our expertise in gas leak detection and repair in Wylie is unparalleled, with specially trained professionals adept at identifying issues with gas appliances and pipelines. We follow strict safety protocols to promptly address and repair any possible gas leaks. Our knowledge spans across industrial, residential, and commercial settings, allowing us to adapt detection methods and implement emergency response plans effectively.

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With over a decade of experience, Military Plumbing is deeply committed to understanding and resolving business owners and homeowners various plumbing issues. Our focus on safety, community engagement, and delivering premier plumbing solutions has made us the trusted choice in Wylie. Read what our satisfied customers have to say. Take the first step towards safeguarding your property by reaching out to Military Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. For estimates, consultation, and expert advice, contact us today.


Our Purpose Is Our Promise…

At Military Plumbing, our unwavering dedication to excellence is more than just a commitment—it’s our cornerstone. Empowered by a dynamic team who embodies our core values each day, we proudly uphold our reputation for unparalleled service. We don’t just fix pipes; we forge relationships built on trust, respect, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Our mission is clear: to elevate the standard of plumbing service through unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and the delivery of unparalleled quality performance, setting the benchmark for excellence in every interaction.

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Sheb Steiniger

Absolutely unparalleled service and work. Came home at lunch to find I was without water, did some looking and found the mud puddle at my water box in the front yard. Called and talked to Aaron at the office, who was prompt, professional and assured me he could have a tech out in 2 hours.. MAYBE an hour later, Jacob pulled into the drive. He quickly assessed the issue and...

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Julie Howard

Military Plumbing is such a Great company. They have helped me for so many years. I wouldn’t switch to any other business. The customer service is great and they are really friendly. I would definitely recommend Military plumbing for all your plumbing needs!

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Holly Deas Stallins

Military Plumbing is the best! They are very honest and reliable. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been great, from the first phone call to when Anthony and Asten came out for a toilet issue and a possible water leak. Highly recommend Military Plumbing.

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Jeff Whitworth

best plumber in Dallas - Military Plumbing
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Jeff Whitworth


The Military Plumbing mission is to keep things simple and have upfront pricing with no hidden costs. We will not be satisfied with our work until we have soared past our customer’s expectations. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.

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