Garbage Disposals

Can’t find that funny little disposal key that helps when your garbage disposal becomes jammed or stuck? Military Plumbing is just around the corner, and since 2012, we’ve been a leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for plumbing and garbage disposal replacement & repair. Our number-one priority is to provide quality work that soars above the expectations of our customers.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal Repair in Caddo Mills - Military Plumbing
According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a properly installed garbage disposal should last at least 12 years, but some things that shouldn’t fall unnoticed into the disposal:

We can repair the garbage disposal in your Dallas-Fort Worth home as long as it’s functional—still has power, sharp blades, and doesn’t leak. There’s every chance your disposal got clogged by fibrous food waste, food items that have a tendency to create a thick paste if left too long without grinding, or a fork or spoon that got wedged in the disposal blades.

Reasons to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

One obvious indication that a homeowner in Dallas-Fort Worth needs to replace or repair their garbage disposal is because it simply won’t fire up when they flip the wall switch. But other indications only become noticeable over time:

Most homes are equipped with a garbage disposal, and recent environmental studies have identified the importance of maintaining a disposal. Food waste is the most common material we put in our landfills, and when it rots, that waste emits methane (a highly toxic greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere. Grinding the food waste alleviates that process.

Military Plumbing can keep your disposal in perfect working order. We’re your go-to experts for garbage disposal repair and replacement and plumbing needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.  Schedule your plumbing estimate for free by contacting us today.

Garbage Disposal Repair - Military Plumbing

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