Gas Testing

Not everyone knows that plumbers do more than water. We also do gas lines, and perform gas line tests.

Reasons Why you need a gas test

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There are several common reasons why you might need a gas test:

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We put air into the gas line along with a gauge to conduct the test. The pressure we apply will drop if your gas line leaks. We will also do a walk-through to inspect all gas appliances and the water heater to ensure the gas system is up to code. If we determine there are no leaks, we’ll set up an appointment with the city inspector who will sign off the work with a green tag.
If we do determine there is a leak in the gas line, we’ll need to locate and repair any and all leaks, and we’ll have to retest the gas line system before we can call for an inspection. In the event we do not find leaks but have identified code violations in your system, we’ll provide you with a free estimate on what it will take to bring your gas system into compliance.

Whether you need additional gas lines, want to establish new gas service, or you suspect a natural gas leak, reach out to us. Military Plumbing is the best in the business for plumbing and natural gas services. We’re a family-owned-and-operated business, and have provided premier work and exceptional customer service since 2012, with a commitment to do what it takes to make all of our customers happy. Contact us today and schedule your gas line test.

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