Hydrostatic Testing

If you have plumbing in your house, and we suspect you do, eventually, you’ll need plumbing repair. That’s just the nature of transporting water into and throughout a building. Pipes go bad for any number of reasons—age and deterioration, a landscaper sunk their shovel too deep into the garden, the roots of an elm have invaded your old service line, the foundation of your home is failing, or you’ve just had foundation repair.
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When you know, or perhaps just suspect, you need plumbing services to repair a pipe, contact Military Plumbing. Since 2012, we’ve learned a thing or two, and one way we can test the service line going into your house—or any other pipe for that matter—is with a hydrostatic test.

The process takes about two hours and involves pressurizing the pipe by filling it with water. We sometimes add a dye or other coloring to help see the leak. Once we turn off the supply valve, we’ll check to see whether there is a drop in pressure. The test is done by plugging a cleanout pipe with an inflatable ball. Once the line is completely blocked, we’ll check to see if the water level drops, indicating a loss of water in the pipe.

Schedule a hydrostatic test

We recommend scheduling a hydrostatic test when you purchase a home, especially if it is an older residence. Always get a hydrostatic test after you’ve had concrete repair done anywhere near your piping. Many foundation repair contractors will ask you to have a plumber conduct a hydrostatic test on your pipes to ensure there are no leaks that could negate the work just done to your home. It is possible that leaks in your plumbing are what caused the need for the foundation repair in the first place.
If you’ve noticed a loss in pressure when you turn on a faucet, or the toilet takes forever to fill, there is a good chance you already know you’ve got a leaky pipe somewhere. You’ll just need to have us find it. You won’t find a more dedicated or honest company for all of your plumbing needs. We do all the work ourselves, and we’ll never tack on any hidden costs. Contact Military Plumbing today to schedule your free estimate on a hydrostatic test for your Rockwall or Royse City home. Better to be certain than to wonder whether the pipe is going to blow!
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