Service Line Pipe Pulling

Most of us turn on the kitchen faucet and there’s the water; flush the toilet and there goes the water. We don’t really think about how it got into our home or how it leaves. But eventually, all pipes can crack or deteriorate because of age, or soil and climate conditions. Main water lines are typically located beneath the streets; a service line connects your house to the main line to supply your inside pipes with water. When the service line fails, your water pressure will drop, or your house will flat run dry. And few homeowners realize it’s their responsibility to replace the service line when it goes bad. Many of us don’t want to think about that, because service line repair often evokes images of digging up the entire front yard.

Pipe Pulling for water line repair

Military Plumbing has a less intrusive method called pipe pulling for water line repair. It is a technique in which we attach the new pipe to the old pipe, and use that old pipe to pull the new one into place. By using the existing space for the pipe replacement, there is no need for extensive excavation. The technique is less interfering on your life and your property, which reduces your personal stress of enduring such a major water line repair. It also takes a lot less labor and time to successfully install the new pipe, and does not involve huge equipment for a big excavation, which means the service water line replacement can be done faster, for a significantly lower cost.

Quick Service Line Repair

Indications you might need a new service water line on your Royse City or Rockwall property:
No homeowner wants to suffer through any amount of time without water. We need it for just about everything we do in our homes—drinking, cooking, laundry, using the bathroom, bathing.

When you notice any of the above symptoms of water line problems, contact Military Plumbing and schedule an inspection. We’ve provided the finest plumbing services in the Royse City and Rockwall areas since 2012. We can keep your house hydrated.

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