Water Heaters

You purchased your home for security and comfort, but when the water heater goes out, you’ve lost one of the biggest sources of comfort your home provides. Not having hot water is like having cherry pie without the filling. Unfortunately, water heaters do fail because they are mostly out of sight and out of mind in the home, and few people remember the tank needs to be flushed and drained usually once a year to clear out the buildup of sediment. And water heaters don’t last forever. Over time, typically anywhere from eight to ten years, it might be necessary to have the water heater repaired or replaced in your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

Experienced in Detecting Water Heater Problems

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Signs of Water Heater Problems

Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

The age of your water heater and the type of issue it has are two primary factors that determine the best course of action.  Military Plumbing’s emergency plumbers in Dallas-Fort Worth offer water heater repair and replacement.  We guarantee to provide you with an honest assessment, and we’ll recommend a solution that is exactly right for your situation. If we think the repair of your water heater will last for a good amount of time, we’ll be happy to let you know. If the repair will only prolong the inevitable, we’ll provide you with the best emergency plumbing service and pricing in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Don’t wait for your home to flood from a busted water heater, and don’t suffer through another cold shower! Contact Military Plumbing for a free inspection and estimate at the first sign there may be an issue. Our emergency plumbers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will be there in a jiffy to help ensure your water heater is working properly. 

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