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Allen Plumber:

Licensed Residential Plumbing Service and Repair

Allen, TX

Eventually your home in Allen, TX, will need a plumber to perform repairs. Whether it’s a clogged drain, water heater repair or installation, or you want to replace the shower or bathtub. Stuff gets old, stuff breaks, or you just get tired of looking at the same old thing and you want to update your home. When you get right down to it, of all the services homeowners need, plumbing is often at the top of the list. And when something breaks and has the potential to unleash a flood inside your home, you need service sooner rather than later—fast dependable service by experts who raise the bar in plumbing standards. That’s when you contact Military Plumbing when you need a plumber in Allen. We’ve been a premier plumbing contractor in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 2012.
Indoor, outdoor, heavy-duty sewer line replacement, or just a fixture replacement in the shower—no job is too big or too small for us. Water damage is the number-one reason for homeowner insurance claims in the country, and when it comes to repair, we have experience with it all. If you’ve got a wet spot in the front yard, chances are you need your sewer or service line replaced. We can do that, and we’ll do it without tearing up your entire yard. We also provide slab leak repair when the plumbing beneath your driveway or the concrete in your basement goes south. For those kinds of repairs, we also offer financing.
Ask the folks in your neighborhood about their plumbing repair. There’s a good chance we’ve provided residential plumbing services and repair in Allen for someone you know. From gas line testing and replacement to toilet rebuilds, every job we take on is treated just like all the others. It has to be that way because we’re a family-owned and operated business, which means we put the reputation of our name on the line even if we’re only changing a washer in the kitchen sink. Everything we do is up front and transparent, no hidden costs and no surprises down the line. We keep it all simple, and we aim to make sure you’re completely satisfied before we sign off on your project. When you need a plumber in Allen, TX, reach out to us. We guarantee you won’t find anyone better.

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