Your old toilet—you’re tired of dealing with it, but you’d be in a pickle without it. Of all the plumbing we have in our homes, the toilet is probably the most important fixture. It’s also the one that is the most problematic and wasteful. The experts at Military Plumbing are your best choice for 24 hour plumbing services and toilet repair or replacement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  We’ve been your go-to crew for all your plumbing needs since 2012. We do all our own work, and we offer you the best customer service you can find anywhere in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Repair Your Old Toilet

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The flapper in your toilet is the rubber piece that goes up when you flush. It’s supposed to completely seal the flush valve once the bowl is full. But in more cases than many, that flapper is the cause of most of your toilet problems. If it doesn’t effectively seal the flush valve, your toilet will continue to run until you get inside the tank and manually replace the flapper to its resting position. That’s a bit inconvenient if you have to do that everytime you flush. And that leak can waste almost 180 gallons of water a week! Call our 24 hour plumbers in Dallas-Fort Worth  for toilet repair to save yourself a rising water bill and the hassle.

Replace Your Old Toilet

Your old, inefficient toilet accounts for nearly 30% of all the water used in your home, and requires almost six gallons per flush. That water consumption by your toilet is more than what your dishwasher, washing machine, or shower require.

What are the biggest advantages of toilet replacement in your Dallas-Fort Worth home?

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You also get to choose from a wide range of toilet types and styles: two-piece and one-piece toilets, high-tank toilets for a more forceful flush, dual flush toilets that let you select whether to flush for liquids or solids, and wash-down toilets that won’t clog. Many of these new toilets also come equipped with simpler mechanisms inside the tank.

Toilet engineering is probably not something you think about on any given day, but the latest technology for regular commodes will save you money, provide more comfort and convenience, and is more aesthetically pleasing than old, out-of-date toilets.

Whether you’re replacing an old toilet or want to remodel your bathroom with the latest in water-efficient fixtures, contact our 24 Hour plumbers in Dallas-Fort Worth at Military Plumbing to schedule your appointment for a new toilet installation or request a free estimate! The savings you reap from lower water costs will pay for that new toilet sooner rather than later.

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