Clogged Drains

Sometimes, a plunger won’t get the job done, and unless you’re a plumber, you’ve probably found that the two 90-degree angles of the P-trap don’t quite line back up with the other pipes beneath the sink as well as they did before you took them apart—and then there’s all that stinky, gooey water. Save yourself all that hassle and mess! Contact the Military Plumbing company in Dallas-Fort Worth when you first discover a clogged drain. We’re plumbing experts, and clearing a clogged drain in your home is like a walk in the park for us.

Reasons Why Drains Clog

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It’s inevitable that a drain will become clogged. Anywhere there’s an open hole, something will eventually drop into it. Hair is the main culprit for a clogged drain, and is often mixed in with the grease and fats from food products, lotions, soaps, and makeup that frequently go down a drain. It doesn’t take long for all that fiber and goo to build up and block the P-trap beneath a sink or in a bathtub drain.

Sometimes, a clogged drain results from chemicals or cement being rinsed into the pipes while cleaning up after a home improvement project. And at one time or another, all of us have dropped at least one thing—maybe a ring or another piece of jewelry—down the bathroom sink or the shower drain. Serious clogs usually occur down the line and can be caused by tree roots,  a broken terra cotta pipe, or a sewage blockage near your Dallas-Fort Worth property.

Quick Clogged Drain Repair

If you can’t solve the clogged drain problem in your Dallas-Fort Worth home call our plumbing company. It’s better to tackle a slow drain right off the bat than to wait for the pipe to become completely clogged. We will inspect your pipes to determine whether it is a quick fix or something more serious than just a routine clogged drain involved. If the problem is farther down the line, we’ll take a look inside with our pipe camera to locate the clog and determine whether the situation calls for a manual or motorized drain snake, or a drain auger. If the situation involves something more complicated than just unclogging a drain, we’ll provide you with an assessment of the problem and a free estimate of the cost to provide you with a solution.

Don’t let a clogged drain bog down your day. Contact our plumbing company in Dallas-Fort Worth, Military Plumbing, once you see the first sign of trouble. It’s better to solve a simple problem than to let it become a messy situation!

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