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Lewisville, TX

Pipes in the walls, pipes under the floor, hoses from kitchen and laundry appliances attached to those pipes—and all those little pipes running to and from the water heater. That’s a lot of water, and a lot of pipes. Often when things go wrong with the plumbing, the problem is out in the open where you can see it: a clogged toilet or garbage disposal, a leaky faucet, or a drip beneath the kitchen sink. Some problems, though, remain unseen until the damage that has been done becomes visible—a wet stain or soft spot in a wall, a soggy carpet, pools of water in a dark corner of the basement, dark stains on the concrete walls, or standing water in the front yard when it hasn’t rained for several weeks. That’s why our Lewisville, TX plumbers at Military Plumbing have made it our business to be experts in all things plumbing.
If it involves pipes and water, indoors or out, we can fix it. If it involves your gas line, we can fix that, too. Nothing gets by us, because we have the tools to perform video pipe inspections to get to those unseen places that often cause the most damage. Our camera inspections also work for checking the condition of your sewer line. If it needs to be replaced, we provide trenchless water line replacement (swapping out the pipe without tearing up your entire yard). We can repair the plumbing for your big appliances—dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators with icemakers, and water heaters. Our Lewisville plumbers can also replace and install any one of those. When you want to update your bathroom, we’ll convert your tub to a shower, or vice versa, or we can replace what you’ve got but with a new style.
We know you’ll be impressed by our tradesmanship and our service. We’re not just any plumbing company in the Lewisville, TX, area. We’re Military Plumbing, a family-owned and operated residential plumbing company that puts our reputation on the line every time we take on a job. That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction. Our name depends on it. Call us today and schedule your appointment.

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