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We know the gut-wrenching feeling that happens when you flush the toilet and the water won’t stop filling the bowl, or the desperation that runs up your spine when the internal water pressure fails and you look out to see water bubbling up from underground in the front yard. Plumbing problems, big or small, we don’t care about the size; we’re more concerned about getting your problem solved so your life gets back to normal. We’re Military Plumbing, and since 2012, we’ve been your number-one choice for gas line repairs and plumbing services in Richardson, TX.
From clogged drains and fixture and faucet repairs to showers and toilet work, we can cover every plumbing issue inside your home—garbage disposals, dishwashers, and water heaters included. We also handle the big stuff outside, too. When water starts creeping up from the concrete on your property, we’ve got the expertise, the machinery, and a dedication to quality to get the big stuff done. We even perform trenchless replacements of water and sewer lines, with minimal disturbance to the landscaping on your property.
We are experts with LeakTronics equipment, the best in the industry for leak detection and pipe diagnostics, which provides us with the accuracy we need to guarantee your job is done right the first time.
When you need residential plumbing services in Richardson, TX, your first choice for quality, service, and expertise is Military Plumbing. We’re a family owned and operated business, and we use only the highest quality products and equipment in the industry. When you need residential plumbing services in Richardson, our plumbers are ready to serve you 24/7, every day of the year.

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