Sink/Faucet Repair & Replacement

Your Dallas-Fort Worth home’s plumbing is a dynamic system that can cause major trouble when something goes wrong and water damages your house. Sometimes, though, it’s something as simple as that constant, annoying drip from the faucet that plops loudly into the sink and costs you money on your water bill. When plumbing issues arise, contact Military Plumbing in Dallas-Fort Worth for sink and faucet repair or replacement. It’s best to leave plumbing work to the professionals, and since 2012, we’ve been a family-owned-and-operated, licensed plumbing service in Dallas-Fort Worth that perfectly fits that bill. We offer fair prices and honest service, and we proudly stand by our quality work and dedication to our customers

Faucet and Fixture Replacement

Sometimes, a spigot goes bad or a washer disintegrates, or maybe you’re just ready to update your kitchen or bathroom with a whole new look. There are hundreds of faucets to choose from on the market, from chrome and stainless steel to nickel and burnished brass, and the experts at Military Plumbing have installed just about every one of them.

It doesn’t take a lot to spice up your old bathroom. With a new faucet and sink, and a new showerhead and knobs, your bathroom will instantly shine with a fresh aesthetic. The installation of water-saving fixtures will also help reduce your water bill!

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Contact Military Plumbing for all of your sink and faucet repair or replacement needs in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our plumbing service company  likes to keep things simple. We are committed to giving you the finest customer service you’ll get anywhere. If you need sink or faucet repair or replacement in your Dallas-Fort Worth home, our plumbing service company will  get it done quickly—the right way. If you’re ready to remodel your home, we’ll be happy to be part of that process, too! Get a hold of us today for your free estimate!

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