Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Eventually, all pipes can crack or deteriorate because of age, or soil and climate conditions. Main water lines are typically located beneath the streets; a service line connects your house to the main line to supply your inside pipes with water. When the service line fails, your water pressure will drop, or your house will flat run dry.

Don't destroy your property

Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Heath - Military Plumbing

Indications you might need a new service water line on your property:

If your property has that persistent soggy patch it could mean your service line cracked or has sprung a leak. And you know what that means: digging a huge trench in your front yard with a backhoe to get at that pipe! Few homeowners realize it’s their responsibility to replace the service line when it goes bad. Many of us don’t want to think about that, because service line repair often evokes images of digging up the entire front yard. That’s a bit expensive, quite messy, and it takes a long time and a lot more money to restore a yard damaged by heavy excavation.
The experts at Military Plumbing have a better way. We don’t need to destroy your property to fix your water line. Instead of digging a trench, we bore holes at either end of the pipe to create entry and exit points that will provide us access to the pipe. We can use this process for water line repair, pipe replacement, or pipe installation. It’s cost-effective and avoids the need to wreck your property.
Once the holes are bored, we run a new pipe through the entry point and attach it to the old service line, which pulls the new one into place as we pull the old line through the exit point. This particular pipe removal technique requires fewer people, which makes it so much more efficient than renting a backhoe and excavating your yard. You’ll have a fun time watching us pull this “rabbit” out of the hole!

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