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A wise man once said, “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink”—probably after experiencing a ruptured pipe and a flooded kitchen. When a rogue pipe transforms your living room into what feels like the whole of Lake Tawakoni, it’s time to bring in the experts. And that would be Military Plumbing—your first choice for top-notch residential plumbing service and repair in Greenville, TX. Our professional team of plumbers is not just licensed, each one has also passed a comprehensive background check, guaranteeing they’ll uphold our unyielding commitment to honesty, trustworthiness, and dependability. In the wild waters of residential plumbing, gas line testing, and trenchless water line replacement, Military Plumbing remains your beacon of reliability in Greenville for plumbers.
Whether it’s handling persistent drain blockages or carrying out repairs on fixtures and faucets, or getting your showers and toilets back to functioning properly, we can handle all your indoor plumbing needs, whether it’s garbage disposal replacement, dishwasher replacement, or even the replacement of your old water heater. But we don’t just limit ourselves to the interior of your home. We’re also well-equipped to tackle larger scale outdoor tasks. If water is mysteriously surfacing from beneath a concrete slab, we have the expertise, advanced machinery, and an unwavering commitment to quality to manage such a hefty task. Our services even include trenchless replacements of water and sewer lines, which cause only minimal disturbance to your property and its landscaping.
Our proficiency lies in operating LeakTronics equipment, a forerunner in the realm of leak detection and pipe diagnostics. This high-tech tool grants us the level of precision needed to guarantee a job that’s completed correctly the first time.
Jeff and Kim Whitworth established Military Plumbing in 2012 with a steadfast dedication to the principles of honesty, discipline, and integrity—values that serve as the solid foundation embraced by each and every member of our exceptional team. With over two decades of honing his craft, Jeff’s expertise is unparalleled, allowing him to confidently associate his name and reputation with every project undertaken by Military Plumbing. Our ultimate goal is to surpass the ordinary and provide a service that goes above and beyond expectations—an assurance that Jeff personally guarantees. He has assembled the finest plumbers in Greenville for residential plumbing service and repair that you can find. Jeff handpicks the very best, and the exceptional work we consistently deliver is a testament to our skill and professionalism. Get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection and experience firsthand the remarkable difference we bring to the table.

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